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  • Free money transfers anywhere in the world, central and South America
  • Renewal of stickers
  • Change of owner
  • Lien sale
  • Cars from another state
  • Lost sheets and plates
  • DMV verifications
  • Any smog check (Regular, Test Only and Star)
  • We help you with your class A, B, and C license
  • Auto insurance, home, business and life insurance


  • 25 years of experience support us

  • Your protection and our warranty

  • Friendly treatment and attention

  • Solve and know your need

  • Save and manage your information with discretion as a customer and always work to quickly resolve your demands, so that we are like a family, and always grow in business

The owner


"Thank you, is not only putting your business in our hands, our mission in this company is to guarantee you and fulfill the promise that our service is reliable and honest, so we guarantee your complete satisfaction to the maximum because we appreciate and value your trust placed in us, A Toda Máquina Auto Registration Services."

A Toda Máquina Auto Registration Services

We are a company with more than 25 years of experience, we help you and solve all problems with the department of motors and vehicles, and any other problem.

We are a company with 25 years of experience helping our clients with auto insurance; we are located in South Gate, CA.

With any of our services obtained, at the moment, you will receive a money transfer to any part of the world, Central and South America completely free.

Service offered in
South Gate, CA and 50 miles around s


(323) 325-2040
(562) 762-8252

Forms of payment

Cash, Checks and Credit and Debit Cards (Visa and MasterCard)