Biomagnetismo & Bioenergetica Medico


  • Therapy with magnets

    Normalizes the bioelectricity of the body and aligns the pH to help neutralize and eliminate viruses, parasites, bacteria and fungi that cause various diseases, do not cause side effects and can help with: stress, migraine, allergies, depression, neck and back pain, constipation, colitis, with the respiratory system and nervous system, recovery from surgeries, increased energy, help with menopause, addictions and many more ailments.

  • Reiki master

  • Therapy of emotional releases

    You will release resentment, anger, hatred and short chains that make you sick, it is proven that these feelings make you sick. Relieves traumas, emotional sufferings, heals emotions of guilt, pain, releases annoyances and anger, promotes better relationships, improves your family environment, increases your personal security and will help you find your life purpose.

  • Magnetic neuropsychology

    After improving and clearing emotions, this innovative technique is needed to change perspective to your reality, receive physical, emotional and personal balance, stimulating from where it originated, working your past lives.

  • Chakra alignment

    Harmonize the energy points of the body (chakras), eliminate stress, insomnia and many pains, raise defenses to not get sick, promote the sensation of your organs and return the natural harmony to your energy body. Recommended for all people including pregnant women.

The owner


"Come closer to us, we are the ones who make healing a reality, the balance between the elements that compose us (mind, body and spirit), is the place to which we should all aspire, we are the best and we work for you".

Biomagnetismo & Bioenergetica Medico

In Biomagnetismo & Bioenergetica Medico with 4 years of experience, we offer a wonderful healing alternative using biomagnetism and various therapies to seek the physical and mental balance of the body. Come to us and together we will find a solution to the problems that afflict you, we are available for you in Spanaway, WA.

We are a company with 4 years of experience providing a healing alternative, using biomagnetism and various therapies to find the balance of the body; we are located in Spanaway, WA, contact us at (253) 486-6857.

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