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Residential and commercial cleaning

  • Uninhabited houses
  • Cottages inhabited
  • Remodeled houses
  • New homes
  • Apartments
  • RV’s
  • Offices
  • Restaurants
  • Malls
  • Workshops
  • Gas stations
  • Business offices (all types)
  • Events (parties, meetings and social events)
  • Normal or deep cleaning
  • Service once every week, every two weeks, every month and when it requested


  • 100% guaranteed work

  • Always ready

  • Healthy cleaning products

  • Honest and dependable staff

  • Quality cleaning

  • Amiability

  • Good customer service

  • Professional and complete team

  • Responsable

  • Legalized company

  • Personnel inspected on drugs

The owner


“People say that we are the best cleaning crew, they feel truly happy they found us. When we clean the whole house or office they always find everything like new. Our clients are convinced to hire us every time.”

Coronado's Cleaning Services

Company dedicated to the residential and commercial cleaning service in Sacramento, California and its surroundings. With an experience of 11 years, at Coronado's Cleaning Services we realized that we had to offer our customers a quality cleaning provided with good products due to the need of each one of them. We use organic or inorganic products, the decision is of our customers, they decide which products we have to use for cleaning. You can rely on our highly trained staff to clean with all kinds of materials for your home or business. We are efficient and responsible.

Our references speak for ourselves.

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