Refinishing services for your house

Make your old bathtub, kitchen countertop, kitchen sink, or vanity look new again. Refinishing is quicker and less expensive than replacing. Dasani’s Company specializes in all the above!

We offer you an excellent and different refinishing service, our staff is specialized in kitchen and bathrooms renovation. At Dasani’s Company, we believe that your house can look better without spending a ton of money, refinishing is better than replacing the entire tile of your shower.

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Quicker and less expensive than replacing

Refinishing Services

* Fiberglass bathtub

* Fiberglass shower stall

* Fiberglass shower pan

* Tile shower stall

* Porcelain bathtub

* Porcelain tile walls

* Clawfoot tubs

* Kitchen sinks

* Kitchen countertops

* Vanities

Repair Services

Dasani’s Company services in repairing chips, removing rust, scratches, or cracks in your existing fiberglass shower pan or stall before the refinishing work is done, which will improve the bathroom’s appearance.

Bathtub refinishing process:

1. Thoroughly mask off bathtub refinishing work area with tape and masking paper.

2. Hand-strip bathtub surface if previously refinished

3. Clean the bathtub surface very well

4. Completely dry the bathtub surface

5. Make all necessary repairs to the bathtub surface

6. Thoroughly sand the bathtub surface

7. Spray on multiple top coats of finish

8. Clean up the bathroom work area

Your new bathtub will be dry and ready for use 24 hours after completion, but highly recommended to wait 48 hours if possible for better results.

This bathtub refinishing project will come with a 2 year refinishing warranty.

Bathtub Expectancy

The minimum life expectancy of bathtub refinishing project is 5 to 10 years. If you follow your care and maintenance instructions properly you can receive many years of service. The lifespan of each project varies based on how often it is used. We cover our labor and material for a full 2 years. Failure to follow care instructions and accidental damage is not covered by warranty.


Offering over 15 years of experience in bathtub professional refinishing.

Satisfaction is guaranteed and we are sure you will love the updated look and thank us for doing it!

Dasani’s Company uses premium refinishing products from Hawk Labs. The products we use are FDA certified and non-toxic once cured. While most of our competitors buy the cheapest products available, Dasani’s company buys the best on lasting many years of life.

Your bathtub will look like new

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