Building your future

Our history

Ana and Diego were agents at one of the biggest agencies in Nevada. They both started working in Las Vegas, before becoming an insurance agents they worked at a fast food restaurant as a cashier and cook. Ana came from Peru with the dream of becoming a business owner, Diego was a server at an Argentinian restaurant, he was happy to be a server but when he had the opportunity to become an agent and to work for a very big company, he was really excited and motivated to start a new profession. On 2006 Diego and Ana had the opportunity to move to Reno, Nevada to open a new insurance office, they worked very hard and made some very good friends, they struggled at the beginning because they were in a different city but they learned a lot from their boss and they established relationships with many insurance companies. In 2011 Diego and Ana decided to start a new venture and open up their own agency, Express Insurance, they chose the name because they wanted to serve their clients efficiently and quickly, they wanted to serve the hispanic community that sometimes doesn’t get the service they deserve. They started going to the DMV for their clients and also helped them with their taxes, they treat all their clients as family. We love our customers.

Who are we?

Our mission

Here at Express Insurance our goal is complete customer satisfaction. We take care of our customers and make sure they always get the best services and prices. We work as a team to achieve excellent customer service. We help our clients in all their insurance needs, we also help our clients with registrations at the DMV and they don’t have to stand in line, we also notarize documents, we help our customers to file their taxes and with all their ITIN needs. Our goal is that you can look at us as family.

Your taxes are in good hands

Our team

Diego Henao - Owner

Diego Henao has been an agent for over 15 years. He is the owner of Express Insurance, he has been serving the hispanic community since 1995. He moved to Reno in 2007 to start a new venture opening one the largest agencies in Reno. Diego now is very involved in the Reno community helping customers with their insurance needs and DMV services.

Ana Henao - Owner

Ana Henao likes to build a deep relationship with her customers providing them the coverage that fits their needs and budget. She is always helping you with a smile. Her experience and knowledge will give you the best insurance you need.

Susana Callejas

Her customer service commitment is to provide you with relevant support resources. She’s committed to helping you with respect and dedication, to make you feel as a friend and not just as a customer.

Nelia Solis - Customer Service

Finding the best price for the customers and knowing that she have meet their expectations makes her happy. She loves being able to help the customers solve issues that arise, leaving them satisfied or even happier than when they originally called or came in.

Geisy Zaragoza - Customer Service

She is an outgoing person, she enjoys meeting new people on a daily basis. Working at Express Insurance has been an exceptional experience. She enjoys being able to help the customers with their insurance issues and being able to learn from their everyday issues.