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At Feniz Ecomm Company we have extensive experience in sale of kitchen gloves. Daily we strive to be your ally in the purchase process, in addition to answering each of your questions. The quality of our products can not be matched by another company, contact us and buy with us.

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Protect your hands from the heat


Hovah professional pair oven mitts, with free spatula, silicone, heat, resistant, waterproof, non-slip, quilted liner, extra long, 100% ecological, comfortable and secure, brown.

Oven/baking silicone oven gloves

These multipurpose gloves are special and are perfect for baking delicious cakes for a special day. Also, to bake a tasty bread in the morning. It is very resistant to heat.


You may want to use these wonderful BBQ gloves perfect for a grilled field day to enjoy with the family and friends or just to enjoy a grill day in the backyard.

Normal cooking

These gloves can be used in the same way for the use of normal cooking, either to cook an exquisite rice, beans or meat to enjoy it at noon or afternoons with family or friends.

These gloves are very safe, protective and resistant. It protects your hands as well as your wrists to avoid accidents. These gloves are waterproof, have five fingers grip and offer greater protection and versatility than other oven gloves.

Spatula is a bonus and is included in every purchase.


  • Hovah heat resistant gloves: works perfectly with high heat resistance.

  • Multipurpose gloves: oven, bbq, cook.

  • Comfortable and secure: Hovah is extra long, non-slip gloves with cotton-padded protective lining, waterproof and very secure when holding them, made specially to hold high temperature range for oven, bbq and cooking.

  • High quality assurance: Hovah is 100% ecological silicone material.

  • Protection: Hovah protects your hands, avoid accidents, waterproof insulation.

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