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Laundry & dry clean information

The average life expectancy of a shirt is about 35 - 50 washes or roughly two years, depending on th amount of abrasion and strain on the garment during wear, the fiber content and how garment is constructed, sometimes they simply wear out.

We quickly check every shirt for cracked or missing buttons and replace them.

Did we miss a button? Yes. Just point it out and we will immediately take care of it.

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"You will not hesitate to recommend our company to everyone you know, you will thank us for everything we do for you, contact us today and ask for your discount.”

Five Star Dry Cleaning Service

For 25 years we have been providing a laundry service of the highest quality to all our customers. At Five Star Dry Cleaning Service, we know how important it is for you to be able to continue your life without any problem, that is why everything we do is to help you, get in touch with us, we are eager to work with you.

We are a responsible company that knows everything about the laundry industry, contact us and we will attend you immediately; we are located in Los Angeles, CA.

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