Franco's Appliance LLC


  • Sale of used appliances


  • 100% clean products

  • Warranty

  • Honest and reliable company

The owner


"Our prices and location are totally accessible, we offer you guarantee for any situation, come with us and and find the best appliances".

Franco's Appliance LLC

We are a family business established for over 8 years, we offer used appliances with a valid warranty for 30 days after purchase. In Franco's Appliance LLC we have home delivery service with an extra charge to purchase, but everything we sell is affordable for anyone.

Our company is dedicated to the sale of used appliances, we offer specialized work, that's why our service is 100% guaranteed; find us in Peoria, AZ, get in touch with us at (623) 414-6940.

Warranty for 30 days after purchase

Service offered in
Peoria, AZ


(623) 414-6940
(623) 800-1221

Forms of payment

Cash and Credit and Debit Card