La Hacienda Tex Mex & Grill Restaurant

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  • Fajitas Cancún
  • Burrito California
  • Burrito Texas
  • Shrimp enchipotlados
  • Salmon with coriander
  • Mexican steak
  • Green enchiladas
  • Supreme enchiladas
  • Catering services


  • 100% clean

  • Food prepared at the moment

  • Fresh ingredients

  • Good customer service

  • Guaranteed service

  • State license

The owner


“Our food is delicious, you will notice immediately that our ingredients are fresh and have a unique flavor; come right now and taste our food!”

La Hacienda Tex Mex & Grill Restaurant

With more than 23 years of experience, La Hacienda Tex Mex & Grill Restaurant offers you first class dishes, we are sure that you will not stop visiting us, bring your whole family and enjoy a pleasant atmosphere, we are committed to show you new flavors and a new gastronomic experience, visit us now.

We have the best ingredients available, our food needs quality products and we use only the best; our kitchen will soon be the best one on Middleburg, VA, contact us at (540) 687-3123.

Enjoy our Happy hour!

Service offered in
Middleburg, VA


(540) 687-3123

Forms of payment

Cash and Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover)