Don’t think it, sew it

We are a company with 20 years of experience, we offer quality in our products and services, we also have the best prices. We want you to work with enthusiasm in the development of your garments, and we can guarantee, you will have the speed and quality in your manufacturing orders for your workshop, we have machines and machine components of great quality, so you can do an excellent work. We have highly experienced staff to repair your machines and experts that will advice you and tell you how to work faster, so the garments you created have the best quality, our guarantee is your satisfaction.


Industrial sewing machine repair

Purchase, sale and rent of industrial sewing machines

We sell upholstery machines and sewing machines

Work tools such as scissors, razors, rules, reels, and other small parts

We manufacture folders for automatic brother and juki bags and programmable machines with a lifetime guarantee

We ship to anywhere in the USA


Exceptional standards

Dedicated to client satisfaction

Always improving

No hidden charges

Competitive pricing

We ship to anywhere in the USA

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Los Angeles, CA

Business Hours:
Monday to Friday
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We have exclusive parking for our customers, we are half block between the streets Adams and 27St on Main St.

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