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  • Burritos $2.99
  • Mexican sandwiches $5
  • Quesadillas $5
  • Tacos $1.50
  • Steak or marinated pork
  • Shredded beef in red or green sauce
  • Pork skin in red or green sauce with beans
  • Steak in red or green sauce with beans
  • Pork in red or green sauce with beans
  • Shredded poblano chili with cheese
  • Breakfast burritos $2.75
  • Eggs, potatoes and ham
  • Eggs, potatoes and sausage
  • Eggs and beans with green sauce
  • Eggs and shredded beef with green sauce
  • On site cooked corn gorditas $2.99 dollars


  • Excellent service

  • Everything is cooked in the moment you order

  • Fresh ingredients

  • Clean establishment

  • Guaranteed service

  • State license

"Some stews contain chopped potatoes"

The owner


“Every bite deserves the next one. Our food is delicate but delicious, come and taste, you will be here almost every day.”


Mexicanisima decided to open its doors to mexican food that make our clients come to a new experience of food and flavor. We have 10 years of experience in Aurora, Colorado, where our clients return for different and delicious food.

At Mexicanísima we believe that good ingredients deserve the best preparation. We are located in Aurora, CO.

Breakfast burritos $2.75 dollars

Service offered in
8929 Alameda Ave,
El Paso, TX 79907


(915) 208-1694

Forms of payment

Cash and Credit Cards (Visa and MasterCard)