• Swedish Massage
    Is a general whole body massage. The purpose of this massage is to relax the body and alleviate fatigue as well as improve circulation
  • Deep Tissue Massage
    Uses deep pressure to penetrate areas of muscle tension and restore flexibility. This technique focuses on the deepest layer of muscle to target knots and release chronic muscle tension
  • Therapeutic Massage
    Helps to relieve pain, reduce stress, and work on specific problem. This massage gives you the flexibility of combining both Swedish and deep pressure.
  • Couples Massage
    Enjoy relaxation side by side with a friend or significant love one with a relaxing Couples Massage by selecting the massage of your choice.


Our rates

  • Swedish Massage
    • $120 60 minutes
    • $160 90 minutes
    • $220 120 minutes
  • Deep Tissue Massage
    • $140 60 minutes
    • $180 90 minutes
    • $240 120 minutes
  • Therapeutic Massage
    • $130 60 minutes
    • $170 90 minutes
    • $230 120 minutes


  • Affordable prices

  • Experienced, kind and honest staff

  • Guaranteed service

  • State license

The owner


“We work to provide the best massages, we offer satisfaction, we are honest and loyal to all our customers. We offer what you deserve.”

Professional Massage

Professional Massage is a fully mobile massage therapy service delivering spa quality experience to the comfort of your home, hotel room or place of business. Your therapist will arrive at your place with all of the equipment that is needed to provide you with a relaxing massage experience.

We are a professional massage company, we are committed to you, we know that we can give you the greatest satisfaction; contact us, we are located in Las Vegas, NV.

20 % off military discount

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Las Vegas, NV.


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Forms of payment

Cash and Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard and American Express)