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Casa Bonita is an exclusive importer and distributor of mexican brands. Working with both large manufacturers and markets, distributing a compelling portfolio of high-quality, well-known and nostalgic mexican brands.

- Specialty candies
- Snacks
- Beverages

Founded in 2012, Casa Bonita distributor's philosophy has always been to build brands for longevity through working closely with strategic partners to provide exclusivity for mexican branded products.

Our sales formula…

Hyper-Focus on brand longevity + Unparalleled market knowledge in numerous categories = Exceptional results!

Casa Bonita currently serves Washington State and Oregon. Our products are distributed in over 450 store locations including:

- Retail stores
- Restaurants
- Wholesale stores
- Gas stations
- Catering trucks
- Chain stores (Walmart)
With warehouses located in Everett, WA, Kennewick, WA and Portland, OR. We can finish and send complete orders on time–giving thanks to our well-earned reputation for reliability. We are committed to mutually beneficial supply arrangements with mexican manufacturers, many of whom have worked with us since our start.

Our manufacturers have found that partnering with Casa Bonita is much more cost-effective than trying to establish their own D.S.D. full service distribution.

We treat our partners with respect, fairness, and integrity – and they give us exclusivity!

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100% reliable products


At Casa Bonita we serve our customers every 8 to 15 business days

Full D.S.D. service and direct sales with distributor

Premier quality in:

Product accommodation

Product rotation

Premium product location and exposure in every store, including: major isles, counter space and checkstands!

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Casa Bonita employs only professional and detail-oriented D.S.D. agents

Guaranteed fresh products

Accommodatable in warehouse sales. No need to wait for our delivery! Make an appointment at your leisure.

Instant products

Competitive Prices!

Currently servicing Walmart Stores

The best selection of mexican candy

Explore among our huge candy selections

If your business is located within the states of Washington & Oregon
the cost of transportation could be free of charge

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